OUT NOW: "Francis" is the debut single from Jon Campbell's new LP 'Sirens'

“Francis” is the debut single from Jon Campbell’s forthcoming LP ‘Sirens’, out in September. The accompanying stop-motion animation was painted and directed by Campbell himself, made over a 6-month period and comprised of over 1,000 photos.


“Francis showcases Jon’s subtleties and vulnerability as a songwriter. For me personally, it was that feeling of deep sincerity that made the biggest impact – it can be heard in his music, in his voice and it’s conveyed in his paintings. His ability to convey his deepest emotions in music and on canvas is quite startling and unforgettable.”

-Alex Gallacher, Folk Radio UK

“Francis is about duality and reconciliation,” says Berlin-based Campbell. “Between my inner child and higher self, ego and shadow self – it is also about transient identities; how one object can cast many different shadows, depending on the source of light.” He adds “I’ve always felt uncomfortable exhibiting my paintings; frustrated by the incongruence between my own affinity with a painting and the public’s ability to see just the surface. ‘Francis’ is an invitation to go beneath the surface of a painting – to hear what’s underneath it, and to see inside of a song.”

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Jon Campbell