Jon Campbell


Jon Campbell is an american singer-songwriter and visual artist based in Berlin. His music brings together threads of indie-folk, singer-songerwriter and alt-country with a powerfully honest expression of his homosexuality.


Jon’s debut LP ‘SIRENS’ was released September 20th, 2019

“SIRENS is a personal Odyssey. Two years ago I hoisted my bed onto 2-meter “stilts“, built a recording booth underneath it, and was stowed away in that hull every single night. Black Widow was filmed there; it represents the darkest moment in that journey. It’s my Land of the Lotus Eaters and the Sirens wailing from the shore. It’s Francis’ self-destructive little sister. It’s realizing that after all those years of fearing the monster under the bed, that it was you all along.” - Jon Campbell

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SIRENS is the debut LP from American singer-songwriter and indie-folk artist Jon Campbell. It is his first release since his EP 'About a Boy’ debuted in 2016.

The album’s 10 tracks oscillate between alt-country and indie folk, with melancholic country ballads like its title track and the song “Broke Me” interspersed with a lo-fi, drum-machine-driven ode called “Lior”, or a jubilant celebration of gay love in the track “Rebels Without a Cause”, which features Berlin’s Pet Shop Bears Choir.

Campbell presents his own original arrangements on seven of the album's ten tracks. Tracks 3, 4 & 10 feature arrangements by Jamie Irrepressible. The album is comprised almost entirely of acoustic instrumentation, including acoustic guitar, strings, piano, double bass, drums, brass, oboe, saxophone, and banjo.

Side A features the album's title track, as well as two remastered tracks from the 'About a Boy' EP. Tracks 3 & 4 were produced by Jamie Irrepressible.


“Francis”, released 12. April, 2019, is the debut single from Jon’s LP ‘SIRENS’. The accompanying stop-motion animation was painted and directed by Campbell himself, made over a 6-month period and comprised of over 1,000 photos.

“Francis showcases Jon’s subtleties and vulnerability as a songwriter. For me personally, it was that feeling of deep sincerity that made the biggest impact – it can be heard in his music, in his voice and it’s conveyed in his paintings. His ability to convey his deepest emotions in music and on canvas is quite startling and unforgettable.”

-Alex Gallacher, Folk Radio UK

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"Jon Campbell’s paintings have an innocent, child-like sensibility… Campbell crafts songs that remind me of Jonathan Richman and the The Modern Lovers. His music as well as his paintings have a charming, slackerish affect, conveying the dreams and fantasies of a global flâneur." 

- Patrick Neal, Hyperallergic

"oscillating somewhere between Johnny Cash-like country trot laced with the black humour of Magnetic Fields"

- God's in the TV

“About a Boy is a charming, personal record. Jon mixes the styles of American country and the chilled electro vibes of Berlin’s club scene to create a unique hybrid of music. Spoiler alert... it's really good.”

- Gay Times

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